What is Acupuncture?

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Written by Dr. Kristen Bohnet

Q: What are the basic axioms (established principles) of acupuncture?
Dr. Bohnet: There are two principles that immediately come to mind. Energy flow of the body is one. How energy flow or the lack of it affects different parts of the body. In acupuncture, if energy is flowing well in the body, then there is optimal health. If energy is not flowing well in the body, then there is a pattern of dis-ease or disease.

The other is the balance of the yin and yang in the body, which is the balance of opposites. For example, extreme heat or extreme cold. You don’t want to have too much heat, which is a yang value, or too much cold, which is a yin value. You want to have something in the middle of that.
You don’t want too much energy or too little energy. You want something in the middle. You don’t want too much joy or too much sadness. Anything you can think of that are opposites, you want a balance between the two.

Q: The energy you refer to, how do you identify it; how do you “see” it?
Dr. Bohnet: By looking at the person. Listening to their voice. Looking at their eyes. One of the very first things you learn in Chinese Medicine is to look at someone’s shen— what is shown on their face. Shen is the quality of a person’s vitality. The brightness of their eyes; color or vitality of their hair; color of the cheeks. Are they pale or too red? Everything in Chinese Medicine is about quality, which is measured in many different ways. For example, the pulse of a person. There are 30 different things you feel for when taking a person’s pulse.

Q: So, how can golfers benefit from acupuncture?
Dr. Bohnet: Golf is a game where strength and balance are essential. The more energy and balance you have, the better chance you have to play to your potential.
Pain is the golfer’s enemy. It saps you of energy. Acupuncture is highly effective in relieving pain in all parts of the body including the lower and upper back, neck, elbow, shoulder, hands, and feet. You name the part of the body that needs pain relief and, as an acupuncturist, I will provide you with that relief.
Acupuncture is great for the golfer’s body and mind. Relieving the mind of fear of pain and being in a positive mental state is a key result of acupuncture. Since golf is such a mental game, this provides a tremendous additional benefit to the golfer. GN

Dr. Kristen Bohnet, D.C., L.Ac., with sister Julie Walls, D.C., L.Ac., specializes in acupuncture and chiropractic at The Wellness Center in Palm Desert.

By admin December 29, 2014 18:29