Elite Athletes Reveal Their Secrets

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Elite Athletes Reveal Their Secrets

The Aging Athlete 

By Henry “Sifu Slim” Kreuter



Los Angeles, CA/April 7, 2015 – What happens to athletes after the last whistle blows and the stadium and arena lights go out?  That’s the intriguing question asked by fitness and wellness coach Henry “Sifu Slim” Kreuter in his new book “The Aging Athlete: Elite Athletes Reveal Their Secrets for Life” available now.


Packed with inspirational, first-hand stories from former and current stars of the sports world, “The Aging Athlete” tells the stories of the fitness regimens and motivational methods of the remarkable 10% who remain seemingly ageless in retirement via keeping up regular training, a sensible diet and a positive outlook.


In discussing his book, Kreuter says, “It’s well documented that its unnatural for athletes to be trained in one direction only—high performance—only to be left in retirement to wither away, or double in size, and then spend a lifetime dealing with their own trauma.  This book educates and inspires people of all ages to adopt healthful habits that anyone can easily make part of their busy daily schedules.”


A cutting edge look at sports fitness from an athlete’s perspective, “The Aging Athlete” shares interviews with former high performance athletes, including Billy Mills (10,000 meter Olympic Gold Medalist), Ken Shamrock (former Heavyweight Champion UFC fighter), Sam “Bam” Cunningham (New England Patriots, University of Southern California star fullback) and Allen Winder (former member of the Bucketeers, the basketball team Meadow Lark Lemon founded after leaving the Harlem Globetrotters) and more.


In addition, The Aging Athlete” discusses:

  • What happens to an athlete after retirement?
  • How to stay fit and healthy in retirement
  • The effect of brain trauma and concussions on the body
  • Body image and the aging process
  • Risks associated with impact sports and excessive training


“So many of the decisions about how we treat our bodies are made in the subconscious mind,” says Kreuter.  “What we eat, how active we are, whether we get enough fresh air and good sleep, all determine the quality of our lives from adolescence to our golden years. I hope these condensed, motivating stories of vital and fascinating aging athletes cause readers to embrace fitness and wellness for decades to come.”


About Henry “Sifu Slim” Kreuter
Sifu Slim (pron. See Foo) is the pen name of author and wellness coach Henry Kreuter (pron. Kroyter). A lifelong amateur athlete, Mr. Kreuter travels as a public speaker and leading proponent of “intentional physical activity.” His books and videos focus on how anyone can integrate physical fitness and healthy dietary practices into everyday life as “the ideal antidote for our sedentary, over programmed world.”


“The Aging Athlete: Elite Athletes Reveal Their Secrets for Life” is available for purchase at www.TheAgingAthlete.com and www.Amazon.com.


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By admin April 7, 2015 20:00