Fowler, Spieth, McIlroy vs. You Know Who

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Fowler, Spieth, McIlroy vs. You Know Who



Fowler, Spieth, McIlroy vs. You Know Who

Golf’s Analogy to the LA Clippers

                                                                                                                                                    by Dan Poppers


Update: Clippers didn’t do it this year. Houston bounced back from a 3-1 deficit in the Playoffs to defeat LA. For Clipper fans, there is always 2016… or 2017…or 2018. Balmer has the money to create a championship team; need a stronger bench that’s for sure. And he’s smart enough to deal with the salary cap. Clipper fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

Kevin Ding of the Bleacher Report (excerpt below) equates the possibility of the LA Clippers winning this year’s NBA Championship to good (Clippers) over evil (Donald Sterling).

Come to think of it, is there a good over evil happening in golf? We’ve got Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, and Rory McIlroy— all young superstars and, up to now, fantastic role models vs. You Know Who, a womanizing, dishonest fraud who happens to be one of the best professional golfers to ever live. To say, You Know Who is evil is probably going too far. Evil is Hitler, the Devil, and some attorneys.

What’s interesting about You Know Who, at one time he was a savior. Read what writers wrote about him before the scandal that shook the golf world, You Know Who was god-like, had already entered sainthood and on his way to heaven while still on earth. Post scandal— good became evil on one very strange day when the worldwide superstar backed up his SUV in his driveway, hit a fire hydrant, crashing his car and legendary career, making dents that will never be repaired. His reputation as the world’s great golfer and world’s great man in one fell swoop expired. Great golfer still stands; great man erased from the history books.

So, Clippers vs. Sterling — good against evil?

Fowler, Spieth, McIlroy vs. Woods — good against evil?

A debate worth having.

Clippers’ Path to Winning NBA Title May Not Be Only a Fairy Tale for Much Longer

Photo caption: Rickie Fowler

From Bleacher Report: By Kevin Ding , NBA Senior Writer May 11, 2015


According to Vegas Insider, Golden State is still expected to win it all, but the Clippers even before routing Houston on Sunday were the same 5-to-1 next-best bets for the title as the Cavaliers or Bulls (and now sit at 4-to-1).

This is getting real.

And just to give the long-suffering even more pep in their step, here’s more hard truth that is uncommonly warm:

Winning this particular NBA championship would be transformational for the Clippers.

To win the very year after the team banished Sterling would be a story for the ages. It’d feel like good over evil. As new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer rightly told Bleacher Report before the season, there is an inherent lean to “root for this team based upon the fact that people in America aspire for the place to be better than the environment these guys were in.”



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