Golf Perceptions

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Golf Perceptions

Written by Geoff Dean

Golf Training Aids to Improve Your Golf Game.

Well golfers, we have entered into our annual twilight zone for golf in the desert…that crazy time when all of our golf courses go through the “overseeding” process.

Where can we play? Are there any courses open at all? Chances are, you will have a tough time finding many courses open and the courses that are open will be dried out in preparation for overseeding.
Maybe the answer is to take the month off and work on your swings and or physical stature. You might say, “That’s boring” or “Are there any driving ranges open in the valley during this time”? Absolutely! Most public facilities make it possible for you to practice on the driving range and it’s never boring making your golf swings a little better for the upcoming new season.

If you decide to take my advice and use that month to do some training, Game Improvement Products are the way to go. There are many good products out there to help your swings get better. I use many training aids with all of my students, but a few stand out as good ones.

The Momentus is a great item. It is a heavy club trainer and it has a reminder grip. The grip will help you to hinge the club on the correct plane and the weighted club will help you to build up your golf muscles.
The Swing Fan is another product that establishes resistance by placing four plastic panes at the end of a grip. When you swing it, there is significant resistance against air or wind. It enables you to build the muscles of the swing while at the same time feeling the natural pulling forces of the golf swing.

Swing Donut is a devise much like a donut you would put on the end of a baseball bat. This devise is simply a circular weight that you attach to the end of your club. It automatically makes the club head heavy. I like this devise because it helps my students get a sense of the club head and it enables a much easier club head release into the ball.

How about Chipping?

Most golfers have trouble chipping because they release the club too liberally or “flip” the club head into the ball. The idea is to limit the change in shaft angle throughout the stroke. Here is a simple way to do that. Find an old wedge and a shaft with grip that does not have a club head on it. Place the club shaft into the top end of the wedge shaft. After, you will have a very “long shafted” wedge. Grip it normally. You will notice there will be a large part of the shaft next your side. Set up to a ball and chip. If you “flip” the club the shaft will hit your side. If you turn your body through the chip you will minimize club release, most likely hit the ball solid and definitely not hit your side.

How about putting!

One of the best training aids for improved putting are two tees. You heard it!
2 Tees. Take a 3 to 5 foot put and determine the line to the hole. At the desired length from the hole, place both tees perpendicular to the line and slightly wider than the putter head. Then place the putter head in between the tees. Place a ball just ahead of the putter head and then make a stroke. The goal is to stroke the ball without hitting the tees. This is a great training aid to help your putter path and lower your scores.

Geoff Dean is a head golf instruction at SilverRock Resort.

By admin December 30, 2014 00:37