BEYOND THE COURSE: Fight on United Flight

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BEYOND THE COURSE: Fight on United Flight

Next Golf Vacation, Try A Knee Defender… at own your risk

 We all want to fly relaxed whether it’s on business, a golf vacation, or visiting family. When you fly on your next golf vacation, beware of the Knee Defender. A Knee Defender is a $21.95 gadget that attaches to a passenger’s tray table and prevents the person in front from reclining. But beware, if you use the Defender, you might be in for a fight.

In August, when one passenger was denied her reclining space, it led to a heated argument and the unscheduled landing of the plane just halfway to its destination. The fight on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver erupted when the male passenger, seated in a middle seat, used the Knee Defender to stop the woman in front of him from reclining back. (U.S. airlines prohibit use of the Knee Defender, but the device is not illegal.)

The flight attendant asked the man to remove the device which he did; he described what happened next: “As soon as I started to move it, she just full force, blasted the seat back, right on my laptop [computer], almost shattered the screen. My laptop came flying onto my lap.” To the flight attendant, he complained, “You asked me to let her recline a few inches, and she took 100 per cent of it.”

Then he suddenly pushed the woman’s seat forward and put the Knee Defender back in. The woman stood up and threw a cup of soda at him. He yelled, “I hope you brought your checkbook because you just threw your Sprite all over my $2,000 laptop.”

For a detailed, blow-by-blow description of the United Airlines Flight Fight, log on to

 Teger Woods, Fil Mickelson, Arnel Palmer

 If you saw the names Teger Woods, Fil Mickelson, and Arnel Palmer in your favorite golf magazine, you might wonder what the heck is going on. Is the editor totally incompetent, smoking too much pot or what!

Baseball saw its spelling snafu April 16 when the Astros celebrated the major league debut of one of their top prospects, rightfielder George Springer. During his first at bat, in bold big letters, the scoreboard read GERORGE SPRINGER. GolfNews Magazine Editor & Publisher Den Poppers was asked what he thought of the scoreboard mistake, he responded, “Editing mistakes can happen to anybody.”

Appreciate Your Turn At The Turn

 Next time you use the restroom at the turn, you might appreciate the convenience more than ever after reading this. About 620 million Indians, or 50 percent of that country’s total population, have no access to a working toilet or latrine, reports the The New York Times, and relieve themselves (defecate) outside in the street or countryside. The result is bacterial infections that lead to widespread malnutrition among children, and cause 62 million Indians under 5 to suffer permanent physical and mental “stunting.” So, next time you use the toilet on or off the golf course, be grateful you are in America rather than… let’s say India!

Armed Waitresses at the 19th Hole?

 Is it farfetched to think that someday waitresses and waiters at your clubhouse will be packing loaded pistols? Maybe not.

At a Colorado restaurant named Shooters Grill, all nine servers pack weapons ranging from a Glock semi-automatic to a Ruger Blackhawk .357 six-shooter. If you’re dining there, you’re also free to carry your own loaded weapon, which you are invited to do via the sign posted on the front door that reads:


Menu items include the M16 burrito, the Swiss and Wesson grilled cheese, and Locked and Loaded nachos. It’s no surprise that Rifle, Colorado, town of 9,200 about 180 miles west of Denver, is where Shooters Grill calls home. Rest assured, golf tournaments held in Rifle begin with shotgun starts using real shotguns with real bullets. If you hear someone yelling “Fore,” hope it’s a golf ball coming at you rather than deadly spiral ovals coming out of a shotgun.

Bees Aren’t Becoming Extinct in NYC

Years of playing golf means you have encountered a bee or two on the course. Thank goodness, though, the number of bees a person on the East Coast confronted is far from what you’ll ever experience playing golf. Living in the ceiling of a New York City woman’s apartment were 50,000 bees! Whether or not some of those bees flew yonder to historic Bethpage State Park Golf Courses is anybody’s guess.






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